One Fair Chance

To give One Fair Chance to every Indian to respond the Gospel.

Greetings to you in the most precious name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am Billy Judson, the Vice President of Good News Bible College and Seminaries, India.

My vision is to give “one fair chance to every Indian to respond the Gospel” by equipping the Church Leaders with Systematic Theology in order to impact their own neighborhood and society within their reach and to prepare enough mission workers for the vast population in Indian through this Indigenous mission work.

We equip indigenous missionaries to reach our Indian nationals and thrust forward to reach every person in India to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eph 4 :11-12. We express this through One Fair Chance mission.

“Without One Fair Chance, I’d be trying to educate people to do their best to create theologically qualified students. Because of One Fair Chance, we’re building the system and practices to get the great commission accomplished.” Matt 28:19

The Lord’s command for every believer is to be a witness and share his or her faith with others. One of the reasons for the explosive growth of the early Church was that every believer was sharing his or her faith with others wherever they went. Acts 8:1,4.

It is the people in the pews of our Churches who are in contact with people on the streets who need to hear the Good News of salvation.

Every one of us placed in a center of relationship with friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and many others who are in need of the Good News. But how many of them know how to do it effectively? We have the responsibility to equip them.

One Fair Chance mission India, is designed to introduce my 1.3 Billion country men to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My training at Shepherds Theological Seminary will help me after I graduate and go back in June 2015 to engage in full time in the work of training indigenous Pastors and teachers.

If the Gospel is to reach every creature then every believer needs to be equipped to do the sharing.

Each One – Reach One; Each One – Teach One.

Help me to equip indigenous missionaries to witness to our nationals.

Until Every One Hears,

signature- billy

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