Multiplying the Impact!!

Dear Partners,

Jesus called the disciples to be “fishers of men,” then taught them patiently how to fish.

Praise God for my professors and methodology of teaching at Shepherds has been a life-changing experience and equipped me to become a better “fisher of men,” and a better “teacher of men” how to spread the gospel in India.

The ministry my father started has reached thousands in India, but there are hundreds of millions, who have yet to hear and have an opportunity to respond to the gospel.

The government of India is closing the doors for mission work.

This is a call to multiply the impact of our ministry –to take the Word out to the world– locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

God is creating great opportunities for us to work together to evangelize my people this 2015.

God bless you and I just thank you for being a part of Good News Bible College and Seminaries and it is hard to say how important the role you play in our lives.

May our Lord richly bless you.

Until Every One Hears,
In Christ,

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