God provided the ground. His son provided the seed.

God provided the ground. His son provided the seed.
Billy Judson
The Lord blessed, Good News Bible College and Seminaries, a ministry started by my father, Dr. Jaya Sekhar, to teach systematic theology to Indian Nationals so they can be more effective in carrying out the Great Commission.

In its first 16 years, we have grown to 40 campuses in nine states with more than 11,000 graduates. The workers are becoming plentiful and better equipped by the year.

The Lord has called me, to now step in, alongside my father to continue the work that he has done, for which the Lord has greatly blessed.

I came to know about Shepherds Theological Seminary through Pastor Vincent Sawyer, a former student of Dr. Burggraff and Dr. Bookman. With his kind permission, we have been using Pastor Sawyer’s 9 systematic theology books in educating our Nationals.

In answering this call, the Lord led me to STS that I may be thoroughly prepared to take the gospel message to my brothers and sisters in India.

Romans 10:17, tell us faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. I want every brother and sister in India to have an opportunity to come to faith by hearing the word of God.

Greater successes for the glory of God are meant to be built upon such a ministry. Indians respect higher education in the United States. In my homeland, a degree from Shepherds will give me very strong credentials.

Our students pay small fees to cover basic costs; but the support of fellow believers from more affluent countries adds tremendously to achieve the greatest harvest possible. So much in America is new to me. Please pray for me! Help me. Give me your guidance on how to reach many other churches and people to make them aware of the vision the Lord has given me for India and increase needed support to make it possible.

I am trusting God to use me for the day that every Indian will have ONE FAIR CHANCE to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Until everyone hears,
in Christ,

Billy Judson