The need is great. Words of Hope:

Approximately, thirteen-hundred million souls live in India. Over thousands of years, MANY billions of people born in my country, India lived and died in the spiritual darkness of Satan’s lies. Now, about forty million Indians are Christians. This is “a good start.” I offer words of hope: “The potential for God’s kingdom to grow in India is great!”

One person can make a difference:

Just one man, in God’s strength, can make a difference. My father, Dr. Jaya Sekhar, during a period of 17 years (1986-2002), covered over 3,600 villages, reached almost 900,000 people and saw over 70,000 individuals accept Christ. Please visit Good News Film Ministry website.!

Multiplying greatly what one man can do in God’s power

Imagine – please, join with me to imagine – what thousands and tens of thousands of godly men could do in India. The Lord is making this a reality. The Apostle Paul charged his student Timothy to entrust the truth to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). “Each one, teach one” works!

Beginning to build an army of witnesses

In 1999, Dr. Jaya Sekhar started Good News Bible College and Seminary. Our student body is drawn from mature men, mainly professionals, established and successful in life. In India, such people are respected. Along with a college-level grounding in systematic theology, built upon the Word of God, we prepare men and women with practical skills to become better ministers of the Gospel in every walk of life.

Jesus gave The Great Commission to all people, including Christians in India

The door has slammed shut for foreign missionaries to live and serve full-time in India, but not before God began to raise up native Indians to help complete The Great Commission at home and in other countries. All of my grandparents and one of my great-grandfathers served in Burma, now called Myanmar.

India has 1.3 billion people. Good News Bible College and Seminary is represented by 46 teaching locations in nine states of India, and they have already graduated over 13,980 who are carrying the gospel to their own cities, towns and villages. The light of God’s truth alone has the power to cut through the darkness and set my people free. At Good News, we are excited, “to give every person in India one fair chance to respond for the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” which is our goal. Click here to watch the video and learn more!